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The company hud homes department is a scam! After paying roughly $200 in attempt to increase my presence in the South Florida real estate market, they wouldnt respond to my emails or call!

I was supposed to get REO training material...at least 2 listings every 45 days...and a few buyer leads per month as apart of their package. AFTER I PAID, I COULDNT EVEN GET THEM ON THE PHONE! They sent me a total of 5 buyer leads, EXCEPT 3 OF THEM WERE FOR BUYERS INTERESTED IN NEW YORK.


Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I appreciate this. Especially since we get companies like this all the time calling wanting us to work with them and then pay them to give us trash leads.


Just received an email from them this morning. Thanks for the heads up!

to Jasmin #1527053

what did the email say


I almost got scam today.. good thing i googled them


I had read some of the reviews found here and I decided to at least try this program out for a Month for $195.00. I am so glad I did.

Out of the 11 leads I received I had already signed 1 under contract and I have another set appointment with 1 to list their home. I have tried other programs before that haven't worked out the way I wanted it to but so far I am happy.

Lead generation is hard to convert for any Realtor - no one has a 100% success rate but this program is month to month and not a long term contract like other programs. So in the future if I haven't had success I can always cancel.


Just got this same email from my website https://realestatesandpoint.net they used the contact form to send me the same email.


They just tried this scam on me I am so glad we have Google. It's always a good rule of thumb is it sounds too good to be true it usually is.


Unsure! All lead generators utilize the info they're given.

Plenty of disconnected numbers, people not interested, others not qualified or have unrealistic expectations, but if just one becomes a sale, then it may be worth it. Just saying....


I just recieved this message:


My name is Alex McGinley, and I'm looking for an agent in your local area to partner with a lender and work with home buyers looking to purchase. We are only looking for One agent and One lender per county.

We do not put any agents in competition with each other, or split our buyers between companies.

Because we only need one agent for the county, we fill the area on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are interested in working with our buyers, please contact me directly at your earliest convenience to hear about the opportunity.

Thank you, Alex McGinley Area Specialist HUD Homes Dept 240-437-3977 Thank God I decided to do my research. Thank you all for your information.

to Dawnetta Hooper #1485663

Same email. Thank goodness for google


For the person that posted that it's like Zillow, I'd take Zillow over HudHomes any day. No ROI and I had clients state they had no idea how I got their info.

Darlene Gopalan advised the prospect would be pre-qualified prior but not the case. I would absolutely advise newer agents to pass.

Brigham City, Utah, United States #1344858

glad you posted this, I have this too from:

Kristen Taylor

National Account Manager

HUD Homes Dept


to Anonymous #1495722

Just received that same email from Ms. Taylor. Most of these promised systems do not work!

Orem, Utah, United States #1342072

I just got the same email from a new name: Kristen Taylor.

They use a phone system so you'll never actually hear the voice of the person they are impersonating. I'm confident all these people don't exist, someone is just sending out emails en masse and hoping to get a response.

Don't sign up!

to Anonymous #1359336

its no difference from zillow or realtor or boomtown or anyone we generates leads ...theres is good there is bad and everything else you have to take them all and work with it

Orlando, Florida, United States #1337049

I was approached today with this scam, and am awfully happy I researched this and found the info here. The email and supposedly direct phone number was from:

Camry Geathers


National Account Manager

Hud Homes Dept.

Paterson, New Jersey, United States #1321545

This is still going on. Be wary of Liz Queen. I'm based on NYC Metro.


Just got the email and put in the number and I am so glad your ad came up! Thank you for posting and letting us know of this scam!

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1306494

I just received a call from Liz Queen (240) 437-3988 Direct line after receiving a email the day before from Kristen stating HUD Homes, (Thats how they get you, They say it is HUD Homes) She was good at her script. I fell for it and gave my Credit Card #, she gave me her Email Liz@Hudhomesdept.com and told me it would be $195 per month!

I was all excited because she told me I would start recieving leads already pre-qualified by tomorrow morning 3/24/17 by 9am. I hung up and started doing my research. I went into their website and called 4 different real estate agents that are feature on there site Homeandhousesearch.com all 4 told me they have been doing it between 1 to 2 months and are trying to cancel but they have not received a call back or email back to cancel so they are cancelling there credit/debit cards! They also stated the leads are not good as in wrong numbers, people looking to buy in another state not the state they are representing and the leads are NOT PQ at all.

Thank God, they did not take the money from my credit card yet, so I cancelled/reordered my card and called Liz to cancel. When I explained to her why with out mentioning anyone's names, she got really defensive and stated, "They are telling you that because they are worried you will take their leads, What are their names so I can call to confirm if they really want to cancel"!! I told her that would not be necessary as I am cancelling my membership with them!!

When you tell them the truth about there company they are very defensive!! Thank goodness for google and also finding this article apart from the 4 agents I spoke to!!

to Anonymous #1317806

I just got an email today from Kiz Queen, but decided to do some research before contacting them. Although I figured this to be a scam, your comment was helpful. We seem to be getting several text, phone calls and emails every week from companies promising buyer/seller leads for a (low) fee

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